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Vibro Compaction

Vibro Compaction (also referred to as Vibroflotation) is a ground improvement technique used to densify loose, clean, granular soils without the addition of imported backfill. Foundation soils are compacted to great depths by powerful shaking forces generated by a vibrator, called the Vibroflot, causing soil grains to rearrange into a denser configuration.


  • Cost effective ground improvement technique that achieves optimum densification in clean granular soils
  • Ideal for deep applications with proven densification capability to depths of over 50 metres in natural soils and 70 metres in loose fills
  • Does not generally require imported material for backfill
  • Low level of vibrations allows working close to existing structures
  • Little or no spoils are generated

Featured Vibro Compaction Projects

  • Watermark Waterfront Development

    Sechelt, BC Canada
    Pacific Spirit Properties is constructing a new residential / commercial development on a waterfront property in Sechelt, BC. The proposed development will consist of two 6-storey concrete residential structures situated over a common level of parking structure and retail units. Read More
  • Péribonka Dam 4

    Péribonka, QC
    The hydroelectric dam was located at kilometer 151.8 of the Péribonka River, immediately upstream of its confluence with the Manouane River. During the summer of 2005, Hydro-Québec awarded Menard Canada the soil improvement works including both Vibrocompaction and Dynamic Compaction. Two areas were treated in order to ensure the dam's stability : Main Dyke and Dyke A. Read More