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Rapid Impact Compaction

Rapid Impact Compaction is a fast and reliable ground improvement technique for the compaction of shallower soil depths.  This innovative technique was originally developed in the early 1990’s and provides safe and controlled compaction using a 7 to 10 tonne drop hammer.  Dynamic energy is transferred to the ground safely and efficiently as the hammer impacts a circular foot assembly which remains in contact with ground at all times, eliminating the risk of flying debris. The drop hammer is supported by a track-mounted excavator base, which provides for easy mobilization and the ability to efficiently move around in narrow and limited height spaces, including within existing buildings. Rapid Impact Compaction is also well suited where acceptable vibration levels are limited by surrounding structures.


  • Increases bearing capacity for granular soils
  • Reduces total and differential settlements
  • Reduces the potential of soil liquefaction and seismic settlements
  • Capable of operating in limited headroom or near vibration sensitive structures which restricts the use of conventional Dynamic Compaction techniques
  • Provides for very fast and uniform compaction to typical depths of up to 6 metres in natural soils

Featured Rapid Impact Compaction Projects

  • Ste. Anne's Elementary School Extension

    Ottawa, ON
    The project involved the construction of an extension to the existing Ste Anne’s Elementary School located at 340 York Street in Ottawa, Ontario. Due to the poor existing ground conditions encountered at site a soil improvement program was required prior to beginning construction. Menard Canada proposed a ground improvement approach consisting of Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) to compact the soil with... Read More
  • Premium Outlet

    Mirabel, QC
    Premium Outlet intended to build a commercial complex at Mirabel (QC) over a total area around 90 000 m2 having the following distribution: - 5 000 m2 for the lighting bases - 85 000 m2 for buildings including an over-width Menard Canada was awarded the soil improvement works consisting of dynamic compaction and rapid impact compaction in order to mitigate the liquefaction potential... Read More
  • Commercial Retail Units 8, 12, 13, & 14

    Kemptville, Ontario
    This project involved the construction of four commercial retail units, which are part of a larger retail complex located in Kemptville, East of Hwy 416 at Hwy 43. A fully operational Staples store is located adjacent to the compaction area with several smaller retail units operating in the area. A geotechnical report revealed that before construction could begin,... Read More
  • Lansdowne Park Redevelopment

    Ottawa, ON
    The Lansdowne Park redevelopment project is a public-private partnership redevelopment of the Lansdowne Park fairgrounds in Ottawa. In 2007, cracks were discovered in the Frank Clair Stadium and a portion of the south side stands were demolished due to safety concerns. In the interest of re-building a new Lansdowne Park the City of Ottawa teamed up with the... Read More