Menard Canada

Menard Vacuum Consolidation

Menard Vacuum™ Consolidation provides rapid consolidation of clay soils. The method is a proprietary system used for preloading and consolidating soft to very soft saturated fine-grained soils. The execution procedure consists of installing vertical and horizontal vacuum transmission pipes under an airtight impervious membrane. The air below the membrane is pumped-out under a vacuum producing an atmospheric pressure on the soil.

This loading process creates an accelerated isotropic consolidation in the soil mass in a relatively short time. This eliminates the need for long-term and potentially unstable surcharge loads.


  • Controls the rate and magnitude of loading and settlement
  • Saves significant time over other consolidation methods
  • Eliminates the risk of failure under additional loading of the permanent construction
  • Reduces the amount of surcharge material needed
  • Eliminates the transportation of surcharge material fills