Menard Canada

Dynamic Compaction

The Dynamic Compaction technique achieves deep ground densification by the dynamic effects of high energy surface impacts from the dropping of large pounders. Invented and developed by Louis Menard, this technique has been applied by Menard Canada since the early 1970’s. Utilizing specially modified crawler cranes, steel pounders weighing 10 to 20 tonnes are released in free fall from heights of 10 to 25 metres. The surface impacts generate improvement from the displacement of soil surrounding the impact point as well as the transmission of powerful shock waves through the soil. Dynamic Compaction is the most economical technique for improvement of soils up to 15 metres depth.

Dynamic Compaction is applicable for all types of granular soils. This technique is particularly well suited for mineral heterogeneous soils and engineered fills with variable characteristics, including those containing cobbles, boulders and other large fragments. Dynamic Compaction is effective in both unsaturated and saturated soils above and below the water table.


  • Effective in compacting areas of loose granular soils, uncontrolled fills and even waste
  • Increases soil density and collapses voids
  • Increases the bearing capacity of granular soils
  • Reduces the volume of landfills
  • Reduces the potential of soil liquefaction and seismic settlement
  • Reduces post-construction settlements

Featured Dynamic Compaction Projects

  • Premium Outlet

    Mirabel, QC
    Premium Outlet intended to build a commercial complex at Mirabel (QC) over a total area around 90 000 m2 having the following distribution: - 5 000 m2 for the lighting bases - 85 000 m2 for buildings including an over-width Menard Canada was awarded the soil improvement works consisting of dynamic compaction and rapid impact compaction in order to mitigate the liquefaction potential... Read More
  • Eagle Landing East Site 5 Commercial Development

    Chilliwack, BC Canada
    Property Development Group is constructing a multi-outlet shopping centre alongside Evans Parkway in Chilliwack, BC as part of their Eagle Landing development. Read More
  • JK-12 School

    Petawawa, ON
    This project involved the construction of a new two story institutional school, located in at 19 Leeder Lane, in Petawawa, Ontario. The geotechnical report concluded that the building needed to be supported on structurally reinforced spread and/or strip footings for column loads. As an alternative to steel reinforced spread and/or continuous strip footings for columns, Menard Canada proposed... Read More
  • Kanata North Elementary School

    Kanata, ON
    This project involved the construction of a new elementary school. The geotechnical report concluded that the building needed to be supported with vibro-replacement stone columns. As an alternative to vibro-replacement, Menard Canada proposed a value-engineering solution utilizing Dynamic Compaction (DC) to densify the upper 5 meters of soil. Soil improvement was necessary to compact the granular fill... Read More