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Cutter Soil Mixing

Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) is a deep soil mixing method which provides a cost effective solution for the rapid construction of cut-off walls and retaining walls, as well as soil improvement and soil remediation. The Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) tool consists of two counter rotating drums fitted with sets of teeth optimised for both cutting efficiency and mixing quality. The drums are powered by integrated hydraulic motors and mounted on a rigid kelly-bar which allows for excellent accuracy of both tool position and verticality.


  • In-situ soil is used as a construction material
  • Excellent quality and blending of soil-grout mix
  • Accurate tool positioning and control of verticality
  • Continuous real-time monitoring quality control system
  • Generates negligible levels of vibration during construction
  • Requires far less space and generates far less spoil compared to other bulk excavation soil-mixing / slurry wall techniques

Featured Cutter Soil Mixing Projects

  • Fantasy Gardens Mixed-Use Development

    Richmond, BC Canada
    Fantasy Gardens is a mixed-use development which includes a common parkade supporting several mid-rise buildings. One building is designed with a second basement level and requires dewatering during construction. Due to the groundwater’s high iron content, the Owner has requested to significantly reduce the amount of dewatering required and the associated water treatment costs. To address this issue, the Engineer... Read More