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Controlled Modulus Columns

Controlled Modulus Columns™ are well adapted for high surface loading conditions and strict settlement requirements. This makes the CMC technique an ideal solution to support slab-on-grade construction, isolated footings and embankments on compressible soils including clays, fills and organic soils.

A specially designed auger, powered by equipment with high torque and static down thrust capacity, displaces the soil laterally with virtually no spoil or vibration generation. During the auger extraction process, a column is constructed by pressure-grouting in order to achieve a predetermined stiffness ratio with the surrounding soil. The result is a composite soil / cement-column ground improvement system that increases the global strength properties of the soil.


  • Uniformly supports slabs-on-grade, thus reducing the required slab thickness and reinforcing steel quantity
  • Increases the strength properties and modulus of the in-situ foundation soil
  • Displaces soil laterally, with virtually no spoil, eliminating the need to dispose of any possible contaminated soil
  • Generates negligible vibration and disturbance to the surface soil layer

Featured Controlled Modulus Columns Projects

  • Ruetgers Canada Inc. – Coal Tar Pitch Storage Tank

    Hamilton, Ontario
    This project involved the construction of the Ruetgers Canada Inc. coal tar pitch storage tank farm. This project involved the construction of one, 87’ diameter, storage tank. A geotechnical investigation revealed that prior to construction, soil improvement was necessary to support the fuel tanks and minimize potential total and differential settlements. As an alternative to excavation, replacement and... Read More
  • 30 Weston Road – The Stockyards

    Toronto, ON
    The Stockyards development project consists of the construction of multiple commercial retail units, some with second floor residential space, multi-storey townhouse complexes and a three storey parking garage. The project is located north of St. Claire Avenue West, west of Weston Road and is bound by Gunns Road to the north and west, in the City of Toronto. Residential... Read More
  • Highway NA30 Embankment

    Beauharnois, QC
    The construction of Highway 30 consists of two separate sections totaling over 54 km of highway. The western stretch consisting of 42 km of road was entrusted to the NA30 Joint Venture. Menard Canada’s mandate was to reinforce the underlying soft soil of the access embankment to the bridge on Beauharnois river. The embankment was also to be used as... Read More
  • IMTT Oil Tanks

    Québec, QC
    The owner, IMTT, intended to extend its storage capacity by building 9 additional NLG tanks having a diameter of 39.6m and a height of 17m. As part of the phase 1 expansion project, soil improvement for tanks 42 and 43 was awarded to Géopac Read More