Menard Canada


Project assessment begins with a review of the available geotechnical information and an understanding of the proposed structure and foundation design parameters. Following the initial project review, we select the most appropriate ground improvement technique based on the soil, structure, and performance requirements. This leads to detailed design studies and, ultimately, the application of specific ground improvement technologies by experienced and dedicated teams nationwide, or worldwide, as may be required.

Menard Canada is continuously improving and refining its ground improvement technologies and methods. One of our fundamental objectives is to lead the ground improvement industry through accrued efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness with each project. Our continuous improvement processes include in-situ measurement and monitoring, along with the optimization of our construction equipment in the field.

Our key techniques include:

  • Dynamic Compaction
  • Dynamic Replacement
  • Rapid Impact Compaction
  • Vibro Compaction
  • Vibro Replacement
  • Controlled Modulus Columns
  • Bi-Modulus Columns
  • Vertical Drains
  • Vacuum Consolidation
  • Slurry Walls / Cut-Off
  • Trenchmix
  • Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM)
  • Deep Soil Mixing
  • Grouting
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Jet Grouting