Menard Canada

Soil Remediation

Menard Canada offers soil remediation and confinement solutions in the form of soil mixing. Our soil mixing techniques include Trenchmix, Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) and single / multiple auger deep soil mixing methods. All three processes involve the mechanical blending of in-situ soil with engineered binding agents to improve the hydraulic and geotechnical properties of the soil. Soil mixing can be used to create continuous in-situ containment walls, as well as reactive barriers for the stabilization of contaminants.

Featured Soil Remediation Projects

  • Fantasy Gardens Mixed-Use Development

    Richmond, BC Canada
    Fantasy Gardens is a mixed-use development which includes a common parkade supporting several mid-rise buildings. One building is designed with a second basement level and requires dewatering during construction. Due to the groundwater’s high iron content, the Owner has requested to significantly reduce the amount of dewatering required and the associated water treatment costs. To address this issue, the Engineer... Read More