Menard Canada

Design & Build

With over 40 years of experience as a ground improvement specialist, Menard Canada brings expertise to any geotechnical construction project. As a leader in ground improvement technologies, Menard Canada strives to provide innovative solutions for our clients. We can work with owners and consultants to provide design-build solutions that suit their needs and objectives.

Menard Canada’s experienced team offers proven experience in both the design and the execution of soil improvement solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with innovative, high-quality solutions for projects of varying size and complexity.

Featured Design & Build Projects

  • Ruetgers Canada Inc. – Coal Tar Pitch Storage Tank

    Hamilton, Ontario
    This project involved the construction of the Ruetgers Canada Inc. coal tar pitch storage tank farm. This project involved the construction of one, 87’ diameter, storage tank. A geotechnical investigation revealed that prior to construction, soil improvement was necessary to support the fuel tanks and minimize potential total and differential settlements. As an alternative to excavation, replacement and... Read More
  • Highway NA30 Embankment

    Beauharnois, QC
    The construction of Highway 30 consists of two separate sections totaling over 54 km of highway. The western stretch consisting of 42 km of road was entrusted to the NA30 Joint Venture. Menard Canada’s mandate was to reinforce the underlying soft soil of the access embankment to the bridge on Beauharnois river. The embankment was also to be used as... Read More
  • IMTT Oil Tanks

    Québec, QC
    The owner, IMTT, intended to extend its storage capacity by building 9 additional NLG tanks having a diameter of 39.6m and a height of 17m. As part of the phase 1 expansion project, soil improvement for tanks 42 and 43 was awarded to Géopac Read More
  • Construction of 8 semi-detached villas

    Montréal, QC
    Within the development of Challenger / Saint-Laurent area in Montréal, Québec, Rodimax proceeded with the construction of a total of 8 villas. Each villa has about 3400 feet of living space on four floors, plus a double garage in the basement. Menard Canada was to improve the soil under the raft slab and isolated/spread footings for the 8 villas located at... Read More