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Regina Bypass

Regina, SK -
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Project Overview

The Regina Bypass represents a massive construction project for the capital city of Saskatchewan. The project consists of a series of roads and bridges all over the metropolitan area. As part of the bridge design, wick drains were to be installed under the approach embankments to decrease consolidation time. Menard Canada was selected as the wick drain contractor for Bridge 4. The soil conditions at the site consisted of a roughly 10 meter thick layer of glaciolacustrine clay overlying a natural glacial till. The clay is unable to support the full load of the embankment without significant settlement occurring

Provided Solution

As per the engineer's design, 50,000 linear meters of wick drains were installed under both sides of the bridge approach embankments. The wick drains served to artificially increase the permeability of the soft clay soils, allowing for a significant decrease in consolidation time