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Collège Laurier

Laval, QC -
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Project Overview

Collège Laurier planned to construct a new college building. The poor existing ground conditions, which consisted of a 6-meter thick natural deposit of loose sand with silt and clay, required treatment in order to increase the bearing capacity and control settlement. Menard Canada was awarded the soil improvement work consisting of both Dynamic Compaction and Rapid Impact Compaction.

Provided Solution

In total approximately 11,000 square meters were treated by Dynamic Compaction and Rapid Impact Compaction, including the footprints of the building and the associated sewers. The two rigs allowed for the compaction work to be completed in 3 weeks. 12 boreholes were advanced, including Pressuremeter Tests (PMT) down to 6m. Calculations based on the PMT data showed a bearing capacity above 150 kPa for the stage 1 building, verifying the achievement of the specified results.