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Smartcenters Parcel A

Blainville, QC -
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Project Overview

In 2013, Menard Canada successfully carried out Rapid Impact Compaction for the construction of a new Walmart and surrounding stores in Blainville, Quebec. Rapid Impact Compaction was carried out within the footprints of the future buildings and lighting bases located in the same parcel as the Walmart building. The total area improved was approximately 18 000 m2. This treatment area included a treatment offset in order to provide sufficient confinement around the buildings in case of liquefaction during a seismic event.

Provided Solution

Two Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) rigs allowed Menard Canada to compact the total area of 18 000 m2 within several months. A total of 16 standard penetration tests (SPT) were performed on site to verify the compaction works. Vibrations and induced settlement by dynamic compaction were also monitored/recorded. The test results showed achievement of the liquefaction remediation criterion.