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Mining, Oil & Gas

Heavy oil and bulk storage facilities generate large uniform loads that require effect support and load distribution within the foundation soils. Tank farms are often located along waterways or close to marine ports where loose or soft soils are present which create geotechnical design challenges. When vertical support is needed, historical solutions have included deep piles and concrete mats. Menard Canada ground improvement is an effective and economical substitute that is now routinely offered to support these heavy loads and deliver reliable and maintenance free foundation performance over time.


  • Control the total and differential settlements
  • Increase the factor of safety against bearing capacity failure
  • Reduce the risk of soil liquefaction during seismic events

Featured Mining, Oil & Gas Projects

  • Ruetgers Canada Inc. – Coal Tar Pitch Storage Tank

    Hamilton, Ontario
    This project involved the construction of the Ruetgers Canada Inc. coal tar pitch storage tank farm. This project involved the construction of one, 87’ diameter, storage tank. A geotechnical investigation revealed that prior to construction, soil improvement was necessary to support the fuel tanks and minimize potential total and differential settlements. As an alternative to excavation, replacement and... Read More
  • IMTT Oil Tanks

    Québec, QC
    The owner, IMTT, intended to extend its storage capacity by building 9 additional NLG tanks having a diameter of 39.6m and a height of 17m. As part of the phase 1 expansion project, soil improvement for tanks 42 and 43 was awarded to Géopac Read More
  • Vale Nickel Mine

    Thompson, MB
    The cut off wall was one part of the remediation project of the Vale mine in Thompson. In order to prevent the tailings from producing acid while reacting with the air, water has to cover them. As a consequence, the tailings dam needed to be raised and also needed to become an impervious dam to hold a hydraulic water head... Read More
  • Meadowbank Mine Dyke

    Baker Lake, Nunavut
    Menard Canada was awarded by Fernand Gilbert Ltd for the dyke’s soil improvement so they can increase the capacity of the Meadowbank mine located near Baker Lake, Nunavut. Considering the climate and location, the ground improvement had to be done on 3 phases, every summer from 2008 to 2010. Two techniques had been used to reach the criteria of soil... Read More